There’s no doubt about it — this modern society has a smartphone addiction. In the last ten years, iPhones and social media have become so ingrained in today’s culture and social interactions that people are glued to their tiny screens from the moment they wake to the second their eyes shut at night. However, many social media apps have also changed the ways the masses live their lives. Instagram, namely, is to blame for our fixation and addiction for reaching a never-ending goal — absolute perfection.



A Visual Society: Addicted to Instagram & Social Media

The opportunity to look how you wish to look


Instagram Posts and Body Image

With so many editing tools right now . From the simplest IG filter to specialized apps, people can create a face that fits with any beauty trend out there.
And the thing with SM is that you don’t need to be an experienced professional, anyone can do it from their phone in seconds. Indeed, some beauty influencers have become famous by sharing how they modify their own pictures.
It started with simple skin smoothing filters to make selfies look at their best. There are apps like FaceTune that even let you edit any part of your body. Slim the waist, plump up the lips and butt, or define the jaw.
You can become whatever you imagine, look exactly how you want to look.

Your life in Highlights

Showcasing curated and picture-perfect moments of your life. This is what everyone can see on a Social Media profile. Although we know this is only a part of anyone’s life, we only know what we see. After all, the user has absolute control over the content they want to share: life of parties, a perfect job, an eternal good looking face, etc. It simply portrays one’s life as fascinating.

Why is Instagram So Addictive?

Social media brings immediate gratification to the mind. People can be in each other’s lives through their stories and IGTV posts, both simultaneously and live. Here, users can find inspiration for their own creations, for their jobs, be up-to-date with trends from any corner of the world, and become part of it. They can find leaders to give them motivation to travel or get fit.
As the platform shows you content you are likely to consume, you never want to disconnect. The result: an infinite scroll.

The Influencers’ Role:

While social media users can’t place the blame on the select influencers who have grown on the platform, there is a question of whether these personalities contribute to the insane addiction.
These internet influencers teeter on the edge of being relatable while simultaneously living a glamorous lifestyle. It’s enticing and makes young and susceptible users likely to follow them, giving the influencer precisely what their title entails —influence over their audience.

For Bad and for Good: How Being Addicted to Instagram Fuels the App

Besides all the darkness found on the internet, the app can also contribute to good causes. It’s so useful for brands to enhance their engagement and directly connect with their audiences. Brands can be featured on the Explore page, reaching new users in a non intrusive way, as these only see things they are truly interested in.

Users-wise it allows them to find the products and information they constantly look for. And also to discover what’s behind their brands.

The fact of people constantly using it is what triggers the algorithm and keeps this system running.


These benefits, along with the feeling of togetherness it provides, keep users constantly coming back, over and over — even if it may end up damaging.

And yeah, we keep scrolling down on our phones everywhere and at all times, from dusk until dawn, at work or at home…It’s kind of magnetic and it’s deep inside us.

After all, why disconnecting from a screen with endless possibilities?