We all dream of having our post featured in the platform’s trending hashtags. This can put the focus on your account and make it go viral. But what exactly makes Instagram select one post above the rest? Yes, to beat out over 90 million posts you have to dominate Instagram’s algorithm first. And you’re not alone, millions of users are trying to do the same every single day.  

The Reason of Using The Most Popular & Correct Instagram Hashtags

Finding the right hashtags for your post is very important to increase your posts’ visibility for the following reasons:

  • Statistics show that posts with hashtags had a 392% increase in comments over those without hashtags, which makes them crucial for any IG strategy.
  • Using the correct hashtags helps attract followers really interested and reach target audience, increasing your engagement naturally. 
  • Finding the right # doesn’t only increase the amount of followers but ensures you only attract the right ones.
  • On the contrary, utilizing the incorrect hashtags can bring an unwanted audience.

So, how do you find the right hashtags?

How To Hunt Down The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags:


Once you find the way, you’ll realize it’s quite a seamless process. Here are five steps to help you find these powerful hashtags and boost your account:


  1. Looking at The Community You’re Already Involved with

The first step to find the most relevant # for your account is searching the ones that your followers are already using.

Take a look at the most popular Instagram hashtags that related audiences, trending influencers and your competition are using to make their posts so popular.


  1. Check the Current Trend Performing Posts

The most popular posts appearing at the top of the Explore page may be featured there thanks to their hashtags. Now that you know these # may work, take them and test each of them to discover which are the ones bringing more traffic. Combine them with your own # to create your unique formula.


  1. Find Hashtags with Specialized Tools

There are several software and platforms that can help you find the best # and get your posts ranking higher. These tools track tag usage for your relative posts like RiteTag, and Hashtagify.me.

They are very useful if you have several accounts or need to achieve top results quickly.


  1. Get Hashtags For Your Multi-Platform Strategy

When marketing on social media you usually work with different platforms, requiring to create a strategy that connects them all.

Tools like Tagboard help you find which topic your audience is talking about in different channels and also searches for the most popular Instagram hashtags.


  1. Create Your Own Hashtags

When creating your campaign you will probably want to start your personal hashtags, and share them with your audience to start your very own movement.

Come up with catchy, fun & easy-to-remember, so it sticks in the mind of your audience and gets easier into potential customers. Again, you can use tools or create them on your own. There are hashtags generators like All-Hashtag to simplify the process.


Learning how to find the most popular Instagram hashtags may take a little time, but when you discover where and how to find them , the process will get very easy. And the results will definitely pay off!!