TikTok became extremely popular for artists, brands and entrepreneurs. They use it as a way to enhance their online engagement and get well known quickly.

This social media app went insanely popular in only a few years. Created under the name Musical.ly, this platform invites users to create and share up to 1 minute-long videos on any topic and add multiple features. We can find videos on almost anything: beauty, sports, dancing, music, etc.

One of the categories that has become particularly popular is photography. You can even say that this platform is functioning as a free photography learning tool, especially for the platform’s target audience: millennials and gen z-ers.

Photography hashtag has over one billion views on the platform. But what is it that makes the platform so great to learn photography among teens and tweens?

How do young generations learn Photography using TikTok:


Entertaining and Practical Photography Tools

While other platforms like YouTube require more advanced knowledge and techniques to start creating, TikTok shares the instructions quickly and accompanies the users through the process with a step by step guide. Editing and composing can be overwhelming to newbies in photography, but a short and easy tutorial is enough to begin exploring.


Photography is On Its Momentum 

Photography is part of Millennials and Gen Z-ers daily lives thanks to smartphones, designed to record every moment and share it in a blink of an eye. From capturing a moment before going to work to broadcasting your holidays.

The thing is that nowadays you don’t need any professional experience to take great pictures. Innovation in devices and apps like Instagram & Tiktok allows almost anyone to learn photography, especially for young people that are born using these devices.


TikTok Encourages Users to be Creative

Unlike other Social Media apps, TikTok offers its users to produce very creative contents in a lightweight format (bytes). In Tiktok users just need to press to start recording and there are basically no limits or requirements to create and share their videos.

Users have up to 1 minute to record, that’s why they need to make good use of the time. The app is still not packed and saturated with advertisements and marketing campaigns, therefore stimulates creators to put the focus on making fun content. Also, allows users to simply enjoy without being invaded with ads.

The app also offers entertaining and innovative features. For example the “duet feature”. Young creators can give credits easily to the artists that inspired them to make their contents.

The app is also a good way for sharing accessible forms of photography such as Iphone or other free editing ads. 


The Platform Can Help Budding Creators Grow Their Brands

This app can also assist rising photographers with increasing their engagement and building their online presence. Another thing that sets TikTok’s apart from other SM platforms is that its algorithm pushes videos regardless of the creator’s popularity, instead of only promoting already successful creators. By this way it encourages users to share their work.


TikTok Inspires Users to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone 

Just like with any other art expression, photography needs the creator to get out of the traditional, to whatever it’s used to. Many videos on the app feature creators asking strangers to take a picture of themselves in public, encouraging them to share their own space, either if it’s a restaurant, office or bedroom.