Social media platforms like Instagram are game changers for businesses and savvy entrepreneurs. This platform opened the way to Influencers to develop an industry, where many people found success since its rise.

These opinion leaders, influencing users are Instagram users with personal authority, posture, expertise, or relationships that impact the decisions of others. They can influence and guide their followers into buying a specific product or getting into a new trend.


An example how an experienced Instagram user can become an Influencer on Instagram and get paid for it:


There’s a lot of work and effort to go into becoming an Influencer. Like with any other job (not just a job, everything in life) it’s not for everyone. If you want to be one of these individuals, consider the following tips.


But, How? Follow these tips to become an influencer on Instagram:


Take Your Pick

The first step to enter this industry is defining your niche. You want to be sure that you are passionate about the content you will be sharing. Usually users respond to what looks genuine and relevant. Select a specific topic or theme among the things that interest you the most, and try to be a specialist in it.

Turn Your Profile into a Business Account

When creating your profile, make it a business account by selecting the option in the platform settings.This will give you access to several useful tools that the platform offers, like promoting your content or measuring your posts’ performance.

You can also discover what type of content works better for reaching your audience and find out which time of the day your followers are active. This will help you be more effective at connecting with your target, and that’s the key to your success.

Treat this like a job

Unless you take this project seriously and dedicate the time it requires, you will struggle to succeed. Make sure you include a fixed schedule inside your marketing strategy, especially if you are managing other channels.

You need to guarantee that your followers know that you are there and also when you are active. If you are not consistent in your posting, you might lose engagement or followers. Prepare your entrance: the stronger you start, the stronger the connection with your audience.

Top Quality Content

To create high quality content first you need to define your niche and discover your audience. Make sure you put time and effort into each of your posts. Pay special attention to the posts that obtained more engagement before to determine the type of content that works better with your audience. Dedicate time to editing your visual and audio material before creating your posts. Preparing and selecting the material may take time, but be sure that the results are going to be worth it!

Defining Your Image

In order to make your audience connect with you, you must ensure that they understand the concept behind your personal brand. Defining your own image and visual style makes it easier for your audience to recognize you. You should keep using this theme for them to associate it with you.

People like to have something to identify their leaders and the image is one of the easiest ways to do it. If a specific theme is not giving the desired results no matter how much you try, you can always start again, but let this be the last resort. Another element to keep in mind is your voice. Yes, finding your tone and style when talking and keeping it as a characteristic and personal brand.

Those are some things you can do to develop your personal brand and start living as an opinion leader on this platform. Good luck!