TikTok Advertising Guide:


With 800 Million active users worldwide and present in 155 countries, TikTok has become one of the most popular social platforms in the world. Thousands of brands have seen the opportunity of connecting with potential clients and started running campaigns in the platform.

TikTok for business is experiencing rapid growth. Brands like NFL, Washington Post, ASOS, Lush & Gucci are already present in the platform, running ads, or creating & sharing content.

The TikTok Advertising options offer businesses the opportunity to increase the brand’s reach and get the attention of big audiences, especially young targets. Promoting your brand with TikTok Ads has several differences comparing to other social media networks:


The Different Types of TikTok Advertising options:

The platform offers different ads formats that you can use to promote your brand, depending on your objectives and your target audience. The different ads formats are:

  •  Brand Takeover ads appear full screen when opening the app. The message stays on the screen for a few seconds and then converts into an In-feed video add. 
    Each user can only see one Brand Takeover Ad per day, to avoid becoming invasive. They are targeted and include links for clients to access the website/e-commerce directly. 
  • Tiktok AR filters, aka branded Effect ads, offer you to promote your brand as branded effects or lenses that TikTok users can use in their own content.
  • In-feed ads are videos that show up between videos on the “For You” page together with native content on users’ feeds. Videos can be up to 60 seconds but need to be engaging to capture the users’ attention while they scroll down.
  • The Branded hashtag challenge is displayed in the discovery section of the app so any user on the platform can take part in it. This format allows brands to partner with popular creators to get these people’s followers join the challenge.
  • Top View ads: are similar to Brand Takeover but these appear first as an in-feed post after 3 seconds. In other words, they take a bit longer to appear.


How to Set up Ads on TikTok

Creating an ad campaign on TikTok might be the kick your business needs to succeed. Before advertising on the platform you need to take a few steps to set up the account and campaign.

First thing is to sign up on TikTok Ads Manager to open an advertiser account. The page will prompt you on selecting the billing country or region and establishing if the account is for individual or business use.

After that you will need to complete a form with details like your email address and password. To finish the process you must verify your account with a verification code sent to your phone or email.

Once the platform approves your brand account, you will be able to log in, access the dashboard and proceed with the setup.

Now you can start planning your campaign with the following steps:



  • Setting up a campaign

Go to “Campaigns” and click on “Create”. You need to select the name of your campaign and to establish a budget. Bear in mind there’s a minimum amount required.

Your campaign’s budget will influence the number of people that your ad reaches.

While daily budgets take time to reach your audience, maximum budgets reach bigger audiences in a short period.



  • Creating an Ad Group

Go to the next step to make an ad group inside your campaign (make sure it’s inside the right campaign). Here you can select the placement of your ad (manual or automatic) and the target audience.

With the Manual placement you can choose manually where your ads appear.

With the automatic option, the platform optimizes the delivery of the ad by distributing it across all placements under TikTok Ads Manager.


  • Design your Ad

Once you create your group, you can make your ad creative from a photo or video. To ensure best results, you should follow the guidelines and specs that the platform provides. You can see a preview of your ad for checking before launching the campaign.

Bear in mind that once you launch the ad the work doesn’t finish there. You need to keep track of your ad’s performance and measure the results of your campaign. TikTok provides analyzing tools to measure your ad’s impressions, conversions and clicks. With this feature you can also compare results between ads & campaigns.

The possibility of tracking your TikTok advertising ads directly on the platform allows you to optimize your campaigns.

Use TikTok’s advertising features and the potential of the platform to guarantee the success of your online strategy!