Do you want to make your living from Instagram? Then there might be a chance for you. As it works with YouTube creators, if you manage to grow an audience with a significant number of followers and engagement you may get the chance of receiving money from the ads played before your videos. 

Loads of ads already coexist with users’ posts, in the stories section, between the posts in your feed and of course, inside the posts through user generated content and branded content. But this is the first time Instagram will start playing traditional video ads in video streaming or IGTV.

Instagram is a great platform to live from sharing your passion or expertise and grow a community, just like YouTube. Online creators’ audiences represent thousands or millions of potential clients to brands, but so far YouTube has been the only platform to finance its creators directly.

Now that the platform realized this potential, it’s already testing ads through IGTV monetization, which represents a great chance for both popular creators and for brands. 

We know they’ve started with emerging and popular creators, but, what about people like us, regular users who have just decided to try living from it? We already know that it takes time, hard work and a bit of luck as well. Besides becoming bigger in followers, you need to keep your audience engaged to attract advertisers.

How & When Did IGTV Monetization Begin?

With the current number of platforms competing to attract and keep users, these companies realized that in order to do so, they needed to persuade these users. And what better incentive than money? YouTube for instance, had been paying creators for years, some of them even live 100% from it. And this is probably what makes the platform so successful. But in February 2020 Instagram decided to announce the IGTV Monetization. 

This is part of the company’s strategy to maintain dominance and keep users spending more time in the platform. The purpose? Continuing to attract brands and advertisers. IGTV represents a great screen to reach potential customers, but to make it as successful as YouTube, Instagram realized that they needed to finance popular creators to keep creating and sharing IGTV.

Why choose IGTV to start monetization? This format works great for sharing tutorials, reviews, streaming; which are some of the users’ preferred content. This feature is also the most similar to YouTube’s format, which is one of Instagram’s main competitors.

IGTV’s ads are supposed to appear when a user clicks on the IGTV preview to watch the full video. The Ads are in vertical format, adapted to mobile and last up to 15 seconds.

According to the announcement in October 2020, the company has expanded its testing to other countries after starting trials in the US with a handful of creators.

We probably won’t see this going big until 2021…


Are you eligible for IGTV Monetization?

Although IG hasn’t specified the amount of followers required to start with IGTV monetization, the bigger and more engaged your audience is, the higher your chances. Facebook pages for example require a minimum of 10K to be eligible for ads.

The Instagram team has given clear requirements though: Creators and publishers need to adhere to the Partner monetization policies and content monetization policies before making money from their content.


What’s the required account size to be eligible?

Many Instagramers are already making money on Instagram: collaborations, ambassadorships and affiliate programs.

Regarding audience size, brands are now looking for audiences that are large enough to have an impact on sales, but small enough to guarantee stronger engagement. This number is around 10k, and is also the size required to access features like link-in-stories and swipe up.

Following YouTube as an example: to be eligible for serving ads before your videos and get monetized, you need to reach 4000 hours of watch time on 1000 subscribers over a 12-month period. 

After the last IG’ Algorithm Updates, growing your account and your posts’ reach got harder. First evident change was the hiding of likes. So it’s evident that the algorithm now considers other interactions to show your posts to more people.

Saves, comments and views are the interactions that have more importance now. The higher these are, the more chances of Instagram Algorithm to recognize your content as relevant and rank it higher on feed, stories and explore page. 

Again the engagement rates mean that you keep users spending more time on the platform. Which is all what Instagram wants and what will show your posts to more users.


TO SUM UP: IGTV Monetization


IGTV needs perseverance and creativity to attract and keep an engaged audience, but the more you use it and track the results with Analytics, the higher your chances of succeeding. If you already have a YouTube channel that’s working well, try to adapt these contents to Instagram.

Although the exact dates and conditions to start with IGTV monetization are still unclear, we definitely know what you need: engagement!

You might now want to pay special attention to saves, comments and views, as these are the rates that indicate your level of engagement. Keeping your audience watching your content over and over again, and constantly interacting with your posts, is the most secure way to be recognized as relevant and by that, eligible for monetization…

If you need help on how to raise your numbers, send us a message!