According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Kim Kardashian and her 4 sisters are among the 20 Instagram followers earners of 2020. This family definitely knows how to market themselves and build an empire on Social Media. 

Although Kim Kardashian has recently surpassed 190 million followers on Instagram, there have been comments revolving around the content of her posts. Some fans complain that it is not fun to follow her anymore.

Some of her followers are complaining about how sponsored posts (both her own brand promotions and as ambassador for other companies) have been taking over regular content in the last months.



What are Kim Kardashian Instagram followers saying?


It’s completely understandable that celebrities will take advantage of their influence, but apparently there’s also a limit. Exploiting your influence too much may also end up spoiling this influence. Indeed, followers have been leaving aside Kim’s profile due to the overflow of endorsements and branded content.

Fans want to see quality content from and not advertisements like this in her posts:

“Stretch Satin @skims is the perfect Valentines Gift! Also, big @skims announcement coming to

Fans explained that they prefer aesthetically pleasing photos, real and more personal content such as candid shots of their everyday life or their travels.

As seen on discussions on different platforms such as Reddit, followers’ least favorite choice of content are advertisements and sponsored posts. Lately, there had been a lot of negative comments such as:

“Kim’s insta is almost 100% pushing her products, it’s exhausting,”

“I only follow Kourtney and Kendall because their feeds are not 50% ads like Kim and Kylie[‘]s.”

For obvious reasons, the endorsement posts on her profile  have maximized her profits though.


An explanation from the star to her Instagram followers

Another reason why Kim Kardashian Instagram followers have been experiencing a change in her posting content has to do with her personal life. Professional-wise, the star is now working on her career to become a lawyer and at the same time recording her new series ‘The Justice Project.’

She revealed that she has been feeling a lot of pressure from social media, and has been busy between being a mother and working, leaving little time to focus on socializing:

“they know I just don’t go to all these events anymore, the movies. I don’t do that extra stuff, and that’s okay for me. I need to focus.” 




As you can see, even the biggest celebrities have struggles on managing their social media channels. Again we see that big accounts may also experience a significant decrease in engagement if their followers stop interacting with the posts.