Part of a bigger plan

Instagram has extended its Live feature time limit from 60 minutes to 4 hours.

The platform looks for new ways of maintaining dominance by providing attractive changes to its users. With these tactics Instagram competes directly with other video platforms like YouTube and encourages users to stay longer on the app.

One of the last updates it’s the extension of the live video, improving the streamers’ experience. The new live streaming can take up to 4 hours and users can save the videos much easier than before.


All you must know about Instagram Live new time limit and other updates


  • The new update includes a “Live now” section on IGTV, where your followers can find your live videos while you stream but also re-watch it anytime.

  • After you’ve gone live, that live stream is saved in your own private archive, separated from Stories and Posts.

  • You can view this live video for up to 30 days.

  • You can also download the content to post it anywhere.

The company benefits from these updates: the Instagram Live time limit extension keeps people spending more time on the app. They wanted to maintain dominance among other platforms by reducing the limitations on their live video features. 

There are also other changes besides the mentioned above, that Instagram introduced with the latest update:

  • They have recently added Reels and Shop tabs to the home page. Reels is where you find short videos (competing directly with TikTok and Snapchat)

  • Shop tabs is a simple way of connecting with brands’ content. Users can access the commerce pages and buy directly by clicking on the tabs. Instagram’s objective is to simplify the app’s features, both for brands and customers.

  • They have introduced Instagram badges (similar to YouTube’s). These badges allow video streaming viewers to stand out in the comment section. Viewers can buy badges during the streaming.They are also featured on the creator’s list as badge holders. This is one of the best additions for creators and live streamers to keep monetizing their accounts.


The latest Instagram updates make Instagram’s intentions very clear:

1) Retain users by offering a more entertaining and easy-to-use platform

2) Become a successful marketing channel for brands and creators

3) Attract more creators by offering new monetization possibilities

Do you think that with the Instagram Live time limit extension and these other updates the platform will manage to dominate the world of Social Media? Give us your opinion!