The IGTV feature is a great form of content to engage with your followers and let them participate.
It has helped millions of bloggers to go viral by showing in long videos what they do: chefs, musicians, artists.
It’s great if you want to post recordings longer than 60 seconds.
Besides all of these, the platform will soon start monetizing this type of content by running ads inside popular creators IGTV videos, just like YouTube does.

Whatever is your reason to use this feature, here’s our guide to show you how to post an IGTV video.

How to post an IGTV video:

  1. Your video needs to be at least 60 seconds long, and preferably in vertical format. Now, login into the Instagram app for either your Android or iPhone device.
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) at the bottom of your screen. This is used to upload any new content. Then look for the video that you would like to post.
  3. Now, press the next button located in the top right of the screen. Since this is for IGTV, select the long video option, and then press continue.
  4. After that, you need to select a cover image ( this will be seen on your profile and on the feed). You have two options:
    • Choose a frame from your video: Tap and then slide over the sequence at the bottom so that you can select your cover image.
    • Add an image from your device: With this option you can customize your picture. To do this on iPhone, click add from camera roll. To do this on Android, select add from gallery.
      Once you have selected your custom cover image, press next.
  5. Next, you can enter a title and write a description for your IGTV video. All videos need a title but the description is optional. Anyway, you should include a description so you can give more information and encourage users to watch it. Include a call to action!
  6. There are some details before posting your IGTV video. First, you can tap the option for adding it to your series. This allows you to begin a new thematic series or add your video to an existing collection of videos. To start a new one, just tap that option and try to enter a relevant title for the IGTV series. After that, just tap create, and then, tap done in the top right corner.
  7. You can also show a preview of your video in your feed or on your profile. Your preview will automatically be the first 15 seconds of the IGTV video that you are posting. When people watch your story they will be prompted at the end of 15 seconds with a button that will let them tap to keep watching on IGTV.
  8. You can tap edit preview if you would like to adjust the preview of your IGTV video. Bear in mind you only have the option to do this if your video is in the 9:16 format. But if your video is in 16:9 format you won’t be able to edit the preview so IG will show it in full. Check requirements and formats here.
  9. After this, tap save in the top right of the screen. You can then tap edit profile cover. You can adjust exactly how you want your IGTV cover image to show on your profile. After you have adjusted this, tap save in the upper right.
  10. If you have a Facebook account linked to your Instagram, you can select the option to make the IGTV visible on Facebook. If you haven’t linked them yet, after you post the IGTV, you can go to your Account settings to connect them, and then easily share it by going back to the IGTV video you want to share.
  11. Now you can also choose to have subtitles automatically generated and added for your IGTV video. Go to the advanced settings section, and press the button next to Auto-Generated Captions. This will display subtitles in your phone’s default language, so first check if this matches the language you use in the video.
  12. There is also an app exclusive for using IGTV. It’s separated from the Instagram app and it’s useful if you plan to post IGTV regularly. The app is simplified and intuitive, and the process is almost exactly as the one we’ve just explained.

So, now you know everything about how to post an IGTV video! Sit down, plan your strategy and start sharing your content! You will see how IGTV videos will make your account’s engagement soar!