Regardless of the reason that brings you on Instagram, whether you are selling a product or you are building a community, is important to know how your work is going.

However, finding the content that your followers prefer or knowing where your traffic is coming from is not that easy without tracking.

If you are yet not familiarized with what you are doing, it’s easy to get lost. Behind your audience’s interactions with your posts, there’s loads of data, useful for your strategy. There are analytical tools that can help you track this information to increase your followers, grow brand awareness, etc. Here we present you the reasons why Instagram Insights are so important for improving your Instagram results.


Instagram Insights Explained in a Simple Way:


As Instagram is used by 200 M users, it has become a valued and demanded advertising channel for entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and brands, as well as self-made Influencers. So, knowing how your content is performing and the activity of your followers can help you improve your work, and therefore, your earnings.

Utilizing Instagram Insights can help you:

  • Gain powerful insight from your audience
  • Discover which kind of content works better
  • Expand your reach and connect with your followers’ audience
  • Select the best time to share and schedule your posts
  • Increase chances to engage with like-minded brands
  • Increase your posts’ engagement

These actions can help you build brand awareness and benefit your business. All the data you can get from Instagram Insights can facilitate your work at developing a more efficient and successful marketing strategy.



Discovering who your real audience is, is the first step to build your community. Knowing who is interested in your posts helps you choose the right type of content and design a successful strategy.

This report gives you the following data:

  • Growth: Shows you a graphic with the amount of accounts that follow/unfollow over time.
  • Top locations: Shows you the cities & countries where viewers are situated.
  • Age range: Viewers according different age ranges.
  • Gender: You can measure the percentage of men and women in your audience.
  • Most active times: Average time your followers are on IG, at what time and day of the week they are more active.



The way your profile looks impacts directly on your credibility and your chances of building a community. On the reach page, you’ll find weekly insights on how your audience interacts with your contents.

The metrics that you should be paying more attention to are the following:

  • Impressions: The number of times people have seen each post.
  • Profile visits: The number of views your profile received.
  • Reach: How many accounts saw your content over a 7-day period. You can see a daily breakdown witht he results.
  • Websie clicks: The number of people who clicked the link in your bio for your website.
  • Mentions: The number of times another Instagram account mentioned you in a post or story.



You also need to know how each content is performing. You can check the reach, number of impressions, click-through-rate, follows and replies with these reports. These results can help you determine what kind of content works better for your audience and select the most effective, coming up with more engaging posts.



If you are looking to improve your posts’ performance in this platform you need to make sure that you deliver the right type of content in the right moment.

Utilizing your audience’s data to design a content and posting strategy allows you save time and to give your followers what they are actually looking for.

Consider the information that Instagram Insights gives you to create better posts, this will help you build brand awareness and increase the engagement with your target.