The Following Influencer Marketing Tools Will Help You With Marketing Easier


Constructing a perfect Instagram profile can usually be tricky and take time & effort to achieve. You need to know your niche and audience in depth and have clear the message you want to share in order to have a successful campaign.

It would also be helpful to come up with imaginative tactics to grow your campaign and tailor your posts according to the theme you defined. This requires both time and expertise in marketing, and sometimes these two are nowhere to be found. But there are some tools that can help you give your campaign the kick it needs and give you a hand at growing your account more efficiently.


Influencer Marketing Tools to Bring the Most Out of Your Campaigns:



This is an Instagram bot that works with AI (artificial intelligence) technology. It’s extremely easy to use this program, so don’t worry if you’re not a real techy. Their system is well opitimzed and works 24/7, and selects followers based on similar interests and by predicting who is more likely to follow you back.

You don’t have to worry about influencer marketing as you can achieve months of steady results with just a few minutes set up. Kenji also has a “Hyper target” feature included with their service that can help your brand grow through location and hashtag targeting. This marketing tool can allow any influencer to sit back while watching their IG account grow organically.


This program uses a dedicated account manager to allow you to get more engagement on your Instagram account. This account manager logs into your account to engage with a carefully targeted audience. This included users you already follow or accounts similar to yours.

Upleap will also engage with the followers of accounts similar to yours to gain more likes, followers and reach. In addition, Upleap also interacts with posts that include the hashtags you selected to reach your target audience. This marketing tool can automate your campaign strategy, letting you experience an up to 300% faster growth on Instagram. So, if you as an influencer are looking to increase your brand’s engagement, this tool can help you grow your account steadily and in an organic way.


This Instagram growth service both targets and engages with followers who are most likely to engage with your brand. Ampfluence marketing tool is 100% powered by humans and doesn’t use bots nor gimmicks. It is designed to maximize your campaign strategy results.
Ampfluence starts with a consultation with an account manager before building your account. By this way it takes its time to understand your goals and your target audience and design a customized strategy for your account.

Then the Ampfluence team runs a research on your target market, discovers what brings more results in your social sphere and selects accounts that are most likely to follow you. Then, your account manager interacts with these followers, using your account to like and comment on other people’s posts and targeted accounts. The team identifies what system works better through trial and error. This lets the team improve their strategy and optimize your account’s growth.


This is one of the most popular schedulers nowadays. It allows you to schedule and analyze posts and to create visual plans. This program is really easy to use and is partnered with Instagram. It provides you with a visual content calendar. By this way, you can schedule Instagram posts within minutes and save precious time. Later works by letting you drag and drop files into your feed scheme so you can see how your profile’s display is going to look like.

This facilitates the task of making all your posts match the theme you have chosen. Later also allows you to schedule posts automatically into Instagram and facebook.
You can also post during peak activity times to ensure they get as much engagement as possible. With this tool you can import media from anywhere, organize all your photos and videos using labels and folders and switch easily between your different accounts. Later helps you to create a perfect Instagram feed.


To make your work easier and save time, consider using any or all these tools to help boost your campaign and get better results.