Every business owner knows that social media is one of the most powerful tools they’ve got. Finding effective ways to use the most popular social media platforms like Instagram is something every business wants. The following will help you learn this invisible hashtag Instagram trick that should help you improve engagement.


Why You Need to Hide Instagram Hashtags

Beautiful images and videos make this platform as popular as is. Using a lot of hashtags can look tacky. Your Instagram story needs to look as good as possible, so hashtags shouldn’t crowd up the story unless you don’t want to increase your reach.


Different Ways of Hiding Them

The following are 3 options if you want to make sure your Instagram stories aren’t obstructed at all:


  1. Minimizing Them

    One trick you can do to hide the Instagram hashtags on your stories is minimizing the words. Some say that it works better if you’re using iOS, but this trick is supposed to work if you are using an Android. What you are going to do is tap on the “Aa” button that appears when you’ve uploaded your image or video to your Instagram story. You’re going to add the tags there.

    The next step is to use your fingers to pinch each tag as small as you can. They didn’t disappear but they’re not easy to see anymore. You get to increase your reach on this social media platform without making your story look unappealing.


  3. The Drag

    Okay, so you’ve entered all the words you need to increase engagement, but maybe you don’t like the previous option. Well, you can drag each tag off the screen. It’s going to take a little finger play, but you’ll be able to do it for each word you’re using to get folks to look at your content.

    It doesn’t have to be perfect; just make sure you can’t see them on the screen anymore. You’ll get better at this with practice. It’s much easier to pull the words off-screen if you drag them towards the top or bottom of the frame. Even if they aren’t visible, they are still going to do their job.


  5. The Color Change

    Another step you can take if you don’t want to minimize tags or drag them out of the frame is to simply play around with the colors. What you are going to be doing is examining your video or photo. You want to single out an area of the image or video that stays the same throughout the entire time. That’s the area where you’ll be placing your tags.

    The challenge here is to make sure the color from every tag matches the color of the area you’ve singled out. The easiest color to blend in is black, but most colors should work. You can shrink the words like you learned to do earlier if you are running out of space in that area of your video or image.

    Remember that if you can’t find the color from the options you’re given that you can simply use the color picker. You’ll see it when you are looking for the colors for your tags. This will allow you to tap the color you want your tags to appear in.

    This can be a little time consuming, especially if you have to post all the time. If you can, be sure to consider hiring a team of social media managers or at least one to help you take care of things. They’ll also be able to teach you an Instagram trick or two.



A Good Looking Social Media Account Leaves a Good Impression

Learning how to make invisible hashtags on Instagram stories is another trick to improve your content and enhance your brand image without looking too commercial or desperate to sell.

If you have the time to work on new and more effective techniques, do it. If you have a brand big enough and still don’t have the means or time for social media, consider getting help from a professional who can walk you through the process and give support to your campaigns.