Growing your Instagram account isn’t as easy nowadays compared to a year or two ago. Instagram has currently over 1 billion monthly users. With that many active users, competition to gain followers is inevitable. The app continues to release new updates, designing an increasingly ultra-smart algorithm making it harder to grow your account.

Don’t worry! Although it might take more work, it’s not impossible. Below are 6 different ways to grow your Instagram account in 2020:


Interact/Engage with users in your niche: 

Make sure to like photos in your niche, this will help get your name out there and allow other users and potential customers to find you. How do you find users in your niche? Search for hashtags that relate to you and your brand, check out the explore page, and other users’ following list. 


Create good content:

Stick to one theme. How do you want people to feel when they visit your profile? Post photos that match your feed for example colourful, bright, informative. You want people to react positively: feel good, be inspired, laugh, etc. Post content that will keep your followers engaged and wanting more. You might be aware that Instagram has started removing likes from posts. Therefore, engagement will now be measured mainly through comments and saves. Post content that your audience will want to revisit at a later time like funny memes or quotes. Think of anything that your followers might find valuable or relatable. 


Hashtags, hashtags and more hashtags 

People have mixed views on using hashtags. Are hashtags still relevant in 2020? What hashtags should I use? How many should I add? It cannot be more emphasized: USE HASHTAGS! Not only does this help increase your profile reach but also your engagement with followers. 

Make sure you use relevant hashtags. For example if you’re posting about your holiday in the Maldives, don’t use hashtags like #barcelona or #work. If the hashtags don’t match the photo, Instagram can detect it immediately and block the post from getting to the explore page. It is advised that you use 27 hashtags per post. Post equal parts 9 large hashtags (the ones with millions of posts), 9 medium hashtags (less than a million posts) and small hashtags (less than 250K). This will increase the chances of your post making it to the explore page and staying on there for longer. If you want more information on how to master your hashtag strategy, check out this video:


Geotag your photos

Don’t forget to add locations to your post, this way users with similar interests can find and follow you, increasing engagement and profile growth. 

Use Instagram stories stickers- enables your followers to engage (stickers and pictures are stimulants that people can relate to) and share their views and experience with you, in turn will help your audience feel valued and connected to your brand.


Examples of instagram stories stickers:

The question sticker: ‘Ask me anything’ question poll is a great conversation starter, allows followers to ask questions and understand your brand better. It’s a great tool to measure engagement and receive customer feedback. 

The countdown sticker: Helps you share an upcoming event, product launch etc. you can add a date and time for the countdown. This way your audience can subscribe to keep in touch with the event. This will spark more interest for your followers enabling them to look forward to the event.


Stories and videos

 Stories and highlights have become a popular feature on instagram. Use this feature to share the most interesting parts of your business, be creative, for example post behind the scenes, average day at work, upcoming projects or launches. Think of highlights as a teaser to your profile, users will view your story highlights and judge your business accordingly, the same applies for video posting, make sure to post informative and interesting content that best describe your business. specialises in social media growth, the team can help you grow your account and increase the chances of your posts going viral. They provide a wide range of services, including Instagram growth packages. These services include:


Instagram Powerlikes: these are usually drip-fed, to help boost your post and receive more organic likes, increasing the chances of your post going viral, getting onto the explore page. 


Instagram Powerviews: helps your post receive more views/appear more visible to more instagram users. Remember this only works on instagram videos and IGTV. 


Instagram Powersaves: sends out instagram saves to your posts, increasing engagement and chances of your post to go viral.


Instagram Power Growth: helps your account become more visible and reach users that share similar interests as you, sending a big number of real followers to your profile and increasing your profile growth.


If you’ve made it this far thank you, hopefully this was useful! If you follow these steps and stay consistent, your profile will grow and eventually gain a lot of exposure.