How To Get Verified On Instagram: step-by-step process. 

Looking for how to get verified on Instagram? We’ll walk you through the verification request process to get that blue badge on your profile. Getting your account verified can give you more notoriety, visibility and reliability.

Before starting the process you need to make sure that you login into the account you want to get verified. For example don’t log into your personal account if you want to get your business account verified. This is really important, as you can only request the process from the same account you want to get verified.


Is IG Verification Really Worth it? Why?

Having a verified account is not only a matter of trend or being cool. Getting the blue badge can help you:

  • Proves to the world that you and your content are newsworthy and relevant. This is because you have achieved a certain status among the community and now others want to copy your success for their own.
  • Improves your Instagram SEO. Being a verified account makes you rank higher in the platform’s search results and probably, in search engines when someone types in your name. SEO-wise, you’ll have advantage over other unverified accounts.
  • Shows you are genuine and differentiates you from copycats. The “blue tick” lets anyone looking for you or your organization know they’ve landed on the official account.

How To Get Verified On Instagram? Go through these steps:


  1. Go to your profile page by tapping on your profile photo
  2. Click on your icon menu in the top right corner
  3. Select the settings in the displayed menu and then tap account
  4. Look for the “request Verification” and click on it
  5. You’ll then see a form that you have to fill out. You will need to type in your full name and add an identification document. For a business account you can use a recent utility bill or a tax document. For a personal account you can use a national ID, a passport or a driving license.
  6. To send over your request tap the Send button. 


Is That All? 

You’re not quite a verified IG influencer yet! The verification process might take up to a few weeks.

First, the platform’s moderators need to go through your account and all the details you have sent. Once approved, you’ll receive a message inside the app with either acceptance or denial. In case you get a denied request, you can solicit the process again after a month.


Additional Tips for IG Verification

Although most verified accounts have many followers or are a recognizable brand, it doesn’t mean that you need a lot of followers to start the process.


The Official Instagram Standards to Follow:

  • Your account must be public.
  • Make all your changes before making the request.
  • Don’t link to other social platforms or the platform could deny your request.
  • Make sure that you follow the platform’s Community Guidelines.
  • There must be a real organization or person behind the account. IG doesn’t accept parody accounts. 
  • First you need some notoriety. So first work on building a brand that can become well known, easy to find and well-connected.
  • Try not to request verification on more than one account per business or person


Now that you know all what it takes to validate your IG account, get everything ready and make your request. You will win in visibility, notoriety and reliability.