With your Spotify artist account, you can customize your profile to grow your audience and your career. Some features that you can personalize are:

  • Artist bio — Use it to introduce yourself and your music to the platform’s users. Be yourself as this is your chance to connect with followers and potential new fans both as an artist and as a person!
  • Photos — The pictures you place on your artist profile are included in different contents that Spotify shares with listeners: playlists, Release radar emails, home page, etc. Ensure that your picture can fit to different sizes and that your face always stays in the middle of the photo.
  • Links to social media accounts — Include links to your profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Wikipedia. The links will show up in the About tab of your profile.


Tips for customizing your Spotify artist account:

  • Always write your bio in first person: never use 3rd person.
  • Keep your description casual and updated: giving your fans fresh and intriguing info to make them check it regularly.
  • Be yourself: don’t paste a formal bio or a dated press release someone else wrote.
  • Update photos regularly by uploading several photos frequently, you let Spotify know that you’re active. The platform will then push your music further.
  • Share other artists on your Artist Pick
  • Try to update your Artist Pick every 14 days or less.



Submit your music to Spotify’s playlist curators

Pitch your own music to the platform’s curators to be included in Spotify’s release radar playlists. This can give you more exposure as the platform itself promotes these playlists on the platform and newsletter.

To submit your music to the curated playlist there’s a formalized process you need to do:


1) Log into Spotify for Artists on desktop.

2) Make sure your avatar, bio, and pics are up-to-date.

3) Click “Music” in the top navigator.

4) Click “Upcoming.”

5) Select a song from the list and press “Pitch a Song.”

6) Fill out as much info about the song as possible. (Ensure you select your genres and culture, moods, styles, language, region, instrumentation, etc.)

7) Make a few sentences pitch. Describe what’s interesting about the song, any important featured artists, and also info about your music marketing plan. 


Promote music on your profile with Artist Pick

Artist Pick is a feature where you can choose a song, an album or a playlist for adding it to the top of your profile. This draws the attention on music you want to promote. 

This choice can be yours or from another artist that you’re enjoying listening or currently collaborating with. Bear in mind that your latest releases are also displayed at the top of your profile. So take the artist pick to highlight and share any other music related to your release or music that you want to revive.

To include an Artist Pick on your profile, log in to your Spotify artist account and click Profile. Then search for the song, album or playlist that you’d like to feature.


Promote live streams and shows

If you’re actively live-streaming (concerts, jam sessions, rehearsals, etc.) there are platforms connected to Spotify that you can use to share info about these events. Spotify uses Songkick to pull online live stream events and in-person shows. Use this platform to tell your fans where and when the events take place.

Create an account and add your live streams details. The Songkick account will be synchronized with your Spotify artist account and show this info in a maximum of 48 hours.

Include merchandise on your Spotify profile

By listing merchandise you can both make money and bring more potential fans to the platform. There are platforms that can be integrated with Spotify to sell your merchandise like Merchbar.


Feature a playlist on your profile

This is an opportunity to showcase your followers what you’re currently into. You can add any playlist you like: one where your music has been added to, one that you’re curating yourself or even one that you like listening to.

  1. Log into your Spotify artist account
  2. Go to Profile and scroll down to Artist Playlists
  3. Select Edit, and then + Add Playlist
  4. Search for the playlist, or copy and paste the playlist’s Spotify link in the search field (to copy the link simply right-click on it or tap the three dots on your mobile. Then choose “share”, then “copy link”)
  5. Click on “Save”.


Let your followers give you a hand with Fundraising Pick

Given the difficulty of the current situation for some musicians, Spotify added the fundraising feature for fans to tip their favorite artists directly, which you can set up yourself:

  1. Log into Spotify artist account on the internet
  2. Go to Home
  3. Click Get started in the banner at the top of the page
  4. You need to fill in the COVID-19 support form and then select SUBMIT


Add looping videos to your songs 

This simple addition of visual branding has proven to significantly increase the songs’ stats for the artists that used this feature. Spotify Canvas lets you upload looping videos for each of your songs on Spotify. The videos are between 3 and 8 seconds and are played over and over while your song plays. For the moment  you can only access Spotify Canvas by invitation. However, you can fill in your Spotify for Artists details to request Canvas, and they’ll email you once your account has access.


Advanced Analytics for your Spotify Artist account

With your Spotify artist account you will receive basic information about your music’s performance on the platform. Also, you have access to valuable data about your audience for improving the promotion of your music.

A Spotify artist account gives you access to your music statistics and details of your audience, like the following:

  • Streams, listeners and followers over the past seven days, 28 days, and all-time
  • Real-time listeners
  • Top songs & playlists
  • Source of streams for your songs
  • The cities and regions where your songs are streaming
  • Your audience’s demographics (gender, age and location)
  • Related artists (other artists that your listeners have also liked)

To check this info, go to the top of your Spotify artist account and you will find two headers: Music and Audience. These will show you different data related to your account.



This report will show you four music divided in four categories:

  • Songs, showing your stats by individual song in your entire catalog
  • Releases, shows the stats of each standalone release
  • Playlists, where you can see which type of playlists are your streams coming from
  • Upcoming, this shows you the releases you’ve sent to Spotify but are not released yet


This report shows a graph with data about your Listeners, Streams and Followers.

Make sure you also check the Source of streams graphs, to know where your streams come from in different categories:

  • Your profile and catalog, for users coming directly from your own profile
  • Listener’s own playlists and library, streams coming from saved library or your listeners’ personal playlists 
  • Other listener’s playlists, the streams coming from a user playing your song from another listener’s playlist 
  • Spotify algorithmic playlists, these are streams from Spotify’s automatically generated playlists
  • Spotify editorial playlists, those streams coming from playlists curated by Spotify’s editorial staff
  • Other, these are streams coming from any other place that is not Spotify’s app or desktop site 

TIPS: Keep track over the playlists where your songs are included. Try to reach out to the users that featured your music on them to thank them. This will keep them hooked and stay tuned with new releases 😉
HOW TO GROW?: Once you know who your audience is, you can design a better strategy to promote and share your music. If you need a push in growing your followers, there are services that can help you connect with real and targeted listeners.


What’s the difference between a Spotify Artist account and a Spotify Songwriter Page?

If you are both writer and performer or if you compose for other artists, you can request Spotify for your own Songwriter page

A Spotify songwriter page is a way for songwriters to receive credit for their pieces publicly and to open its creations to any listeners interested in knowing more about them.


How to grow your Spotify account ?

As you can see, there are tons of options in Spotify for Artists for customizing your artist profile, viewing stats and increasing your earnings from streams and other platforms.

If you’d like more advice about how to grow on Spotify, send us a message!

Spotify is constantly evolving to improve the experience of artists. Stay tuned to see any updates and new features from Spotify!