Social media is a key part of any new business’s marketing strategy as it’s the easiest and fastest way to drive a conversation with your customers. These powerful channels are a less intrusive way of introducing your personal brand to your audience and usually present less expensive options.

Your competition and your customers are already in there: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. If you are not present on social media yet, you’re letting go a big opportunity. 

But before you jump into this channel, there are a few things to bear in mind if you really want to engage with your audience and increase awareness.

These tips can help you to become a social media entrepreneur and broadcast your personal brand


  • Define an objective to begin with

To avoid getting lost in your way or go for the wrong tactics, first define your aims. It’s very easy to go unnoticed in this highly saturated and competitive platform. Having a clear purpose for every task can help you keep going into the right way.

Identify your purpose, then log in. Complete your task and once you finish it, log off. For example if you are going live on IG to talk about a certain topic, complete it and log off.

The key is to set up your intention and set a timer. If you want to interact with your customers for half an hour, do what you have to do and log off after that set time.

Using the platform in a way it’s not intended for can result in problems. But if you use it with intelligence, you will start seeing the results.


  • Scan your audience and the market

Be mindful about what concerns your industry and your audience. Keep updated with the current affairs and pay special attention to the events that could affect your prospects in any way. 

It’s important to be sensitive and comprehensive when approaching your audience,  without leaving your interests behind. Respecting the timings can help you get your audience’s respect and increase your brand’s loyalty.

Understanding how your target feels allows you to create personalized content that the audience will feel identified with. Putting into your target’s shoes allows you to personalize your contents, which your followers can relate to themselves.


  • Use engagement-raising features

Instagram Live streaming and IGTV are tools with the potential of increasing engagement more than other features. This is because followers can actually participate and be part of it.

But before jumping in front of the camera, have a defined idea of what you want to say. Write down your bullet points to ensure you cover everything you want to talk about. After you get all your points covered, invite your audience to give their opinions and ask them questions that require an answer!

Greet them as they start joining and call them by their IG names to encourage them to stay. They will feel the need to stay longer and this is exactly what increases your engagement!


  • Find experienced partners

As you are making your way into the platform it can be quite helpful to find creators with more experience to partner with. Influencers, opinion leaders, more experienced brands, etc. All of them have audiences that trust them and engage with their content. Find the ones that go in line with you and your brand to start collaborations and ambassadorships. They will help you reach more people easily.


  • Offer some value

Developing your personal brand and your values is a defying concept in these platforms nowadays. Along with offering a good service/product you want to develop your own opinion and image, for followers to identify with. Try to offer something unique that nobody else has.

Go through your posts’ interactions to find which type & format of content your followers prefer. Then try to find a way to re elaborate these to keep your followers inspired.

Include calls to action to make them participate and keep them active.

If they really feel touched by what you have to say, they will share it with their own followers, increasing your reach organically.


If you want to be a social media entrepreneur:


Learning from your followers is the only way to find exactly what they are looking for. So listen to what they say, discover what works better for both you and them. Try to see where your failures and successes are to develop a good content strategy.

Make the most of your efforts by connecting with your audience and be open to the answers they give you. You’ll get where you want to be: a loyal community.