Verifying your account is probably the most important thing you must do as an artist on this platform.

Having your Spotify profile verified gives you access to Spotify for artists, a must if you plan to grow your audience and increase your earnings from this successful platform.


We have designed this guide to walk you in the process of verification:


Why should I have my Spotify account verified?

If you are an emerging artist, getting the blue check mark icon in your profile makes you look professional and provides you with certain status. It also gives listeners, playlists creators and Spotify’s team the impression that you take it seriously.

Marketing- wise, as a Spotify verified artist you gain access to customizing your profile, sell merchandising and tickets and to the platform analytics to better understand your audience.


Becoming a Spotify verified artist on Spotify allows you to:

  • Share playlists with your followers
  • Personalize your artist profile’s description and info
  • Update your images
  • Check your songs’ statistics with the analytics reports
  • Pitch your songs to Spotify’s editorial team 
  • Use Artist Pick to feature songs, albums, playlists, or events on the top of your profile 
  • Share your tours, album releases and events dates


How do I become a Spotify verified artist?

To verify your Spotify artist page, you must:

  1. Deliver music to Spotify. You need to use a platform that can partner with Spotify to deliver the singles or albums.
  2. Check that your music is delivered correctly to Spotify. Make sure you make it available for both streaming and downloading.
  3. Apply for artist verification of your account.

If you already have music on Spotify, you can claim an artist profile on the desktop Spotify site. Click on this link here.


Two paths to access your Spotify verified profile

You can log in using your iPad, computer and smartphone, which makes it convenient to access your artist account anytime and anywhere. Here are the two ways:


Desktop version The website gives you access to several features like guides, FAQ and blog. Some features are only available on this version like submitting your music to Spotify’s playlist curators.


Mobile app — There’s an exclusive Spotify for Artists app for mobiles, available on iOS and Android.

The app is more basic than the desktop site but still practical. With the Analytics you can access your songs’ stats and see information about your audience. You can also customize your profile.


Do you need to claim more than one Spotify artist profile?

If you’re a manager or member of a band and you need to claim more than one profile there’s a Manage Team section. It’s the artist who needs to give band mates or managers access to the profile.

This person has to click the arrow next to their name on the profile and simply add the other members’ emails. An artist can select between 3 access levels for any added members:


1) Full Access: This level is perfect for band members, or a manager. It gives users complete access to every Spotify for Artists features:


– Editing your artist profile,

– Access Analytics (to view stats,etc.)

– Invite new team members

– Pitch songs to Spotify


They can also access the “Team” section and see everyone with access, change anyone’s access at any time, and check email addresses for everyone on the team.


2) Edit Access: This level is useful for a booking agent, for instance.

Members with this access can update your profile and check your stats. Also, they can invite new members, but only for view or edit access (never full access). They can access the “Team” section and see everyone who has access, but they won’t see the members’ emails.


3) View Access: This access only allows you to see your artist stats. It doesn’t let you update your profile or any of your settings. The access to the “Team” section of Spotify for Artists is restricted, therefore they can’t see the names or email addresses of anyone on the team nor invite new members.


Personalizing your artist profile, accessing your music stats, making money from streams and merchandising. These are just some features and benefits of verifying your artist profile. Few artists have achieved success on Spotify without having their account verified first. So, what are you waiting for?