Today we are going to help you create the perfect Instagram profile for your business. Below are rules you must follow in order to grow your profile and improve your engagement with your audience, ensuring a successful Instagram marketing campaign in 2020.



Do add hashtags

Hashtags are what make Instagram such a powerful social media platform. Take advantage of their ability to expose your content. In order for them to function, you must add hashtags to all posts whether they are photos, videos, or stories. The GOSO team recommends you add 27 hashtags per post. You can also hide hashtags inside your posts!

Do keep track of Instagram insights

This feature allows users to track activity on their profile such as the number of website clicks and profile views. Marketing also means comparing numbers in search for improvement. Pay attention to the insights on Instagram in order to compare content and measure how well individual posts are performing. This will allow you to trial and error and find out what your viewers want to see. 

Do post regularly

Consistency is crucial. The more you post the more exposure your profile is likely to get. Followers will see that you post regularly and are more likely to like and leave comments on your posts. However, remember that it is possible to post too much and appear “spammy.” People will start to unfollow you if they find you annoying. GOSO recommends you post no more than twice a day, though the ideal would be once.

Do be friendly

Social media was invented to promote and make connections with others, so don’t be afraid to be friendly with your audience. Interact with them, reply to their comments and/or private messages. Think of it as another form of customer service. Not interacting with your audience will make you look like a robot or fake account, resulting in their loss of interest. Don’t use Instagram to only promote your services, use it to create a better relationship with your followers. Try to include extra content such as popular memes or videos that are unrelated to your product/service. This will keep your audience interested and show them that you are there to help them. 

Don’t post insensitive content

Adding humor to your content is a great way to engage with your audience. Posting funny content like memes will make your profile look more lively. However, you should avoid discussing sensitive matters that might offend others. In 2018 Snapchat ran an ad game called “Would you rather?” One of the questions was “would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown?” As you can imagine people around the world took offense and complained. Snapchat lost $800 million because of it. 

Don’t over-casual

There is a difference between being friendly and casual. Learning to establish boundaries and respecting them does not prevent you from being friendly. An example of being too casual would be using too much slang or acronyms. Using social media should not change the voice of your company; it’s just a marketing platform like any other. Aim to be friendly but professional at the same time. 

Don’t post stock photos

Make your account personal to your company by using as much original content as you can. Stock photos have been overused and people want to see what you really look like. Prepare your photos ahead of time and schedule them in advance (just a few days ahead). This way you can spend more time creating unique content for your audience to enjoy. Come up with a strategy for your posting, stick to a specific theme, for example a rainbow theme or white border theme. This will make your account look more appealing and attract more eyes. Post content that will keep your audience interested like a behind the scenes of your team. Your audience to get to know you better and create a better business-customer relationship.

Don’t forget to edit your posts

Before posting anything, double check your post! Have you made a spelling mistake? Does the caption make sense? Does this caption grab viewers’ attention and intrigue them? If you were your client, would you be inclined to like, comment and follow? If not, go back and edit!


Instagram Marketing strategy tips for 2020

Following these simple rules will help your Instagram profile gain more exposure and followers. Do you already follow any of these rules? Do you have your own tricks you’d like to share with us? Comment down below and tell us which ones work best for you!