Cancellation Policy

Creating a case on Paypal

We will always refund payments if we fail to deliver due to problems or part refund for the remaining time on the month. We respect all of our customers and we are a fully registered business. However if you have a problem, send us a support ticket and we will resolve it. If you go directly to Paypal to create a case, we will terminate your account and blacklist you from ever using our services again. We 100% refund for the time remaining if we do not deliver.


Cancelation Terms

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can cancel your subscription and it will not affect your service until the time expires. To cancel your subscription you can use the following:

Option 1) Send a support ticket to cancel your subscription

Option 2) If you use Paypal, you can log in and stop recurring payments.


Price fixing & agreements

As the price of services changes with time, we will add an extra charge for services from time-to-time which is out of our hands. Whatever payment you paid from the start of the service will remain the same. We will honor our customer’s agreements by not charging the updated price. So if you paid 50€ for a product that is now 100€, you will pay the 50€ until you cancel the subscription. Once you cancel a subscription you lose the original agreed price.