Instagram is still one of the most effective social media platforms to market your business. Why is that? Humans are naturally visual. This means that visual content usually attracts them easier than other formats. And Instagram is all about the visuals.

Although the main use is for sharing pictures and videos on the feed and the account profile, Instagram stories became the principal content and the most consumed. Since its appearance, Instagram stories became a powerful tool to increase engagement and following.


Why are Instagram Stories so Important for Your engagement?


Why Don’t My Instagram Stories Have Engagement?

To exploit your Instagram stories engagement to its maximum, there are several tactics you can follow. Here are a few:


These are platforms where people follow people. Therefore, you need to adapt your brand’s profile to the platform you are into.
If you want users to engage more with your stories, then you need to include features that this social network puts at your disposal. One of those are stickers and GIFS; fun designs that naturally catch the eye.
The app uses an algorithm that recognizes your contents as relevant depending on the engagement they have. The more users interact with them, the more exposure you have. This means more chances to be featured and to gain new followers.
There are other features as well: the quiz and the poll stickers. These are great ways to get the followers to interact with you as it calls for an action and lets them share their opinion. And we know how people love giving their opinion.
There’s also the question sticker, another great way to expand your reach. You make a question to your followers and they respond. You can then answer them individually or share it in the story.


Even if you’re using Instagram as a marketing channel, bear in mind that it’s a social media platform. Where people spend time, entertain, communicate and share content. They choose what to see depending on what interests them.
The whole point is to be creative, regardless of what kind of industry you are in or the style you have. Work with different fonts, include music, filters, animations…
It is also better to be innovative with the contents of your Instagram stories. If you show the same kind of content every day, people will surely become bored and ignore you. Try to vary your topics and the ways of sharing the information.


To get the algorithm to favor you and therefore expand your reach, stimulate your followers to contact you privately. Your followers should always have the option to speak to you directly and be sure they will have a response. The possibility of direct messaging builds loyalty for your brand.
Social media means a connection between two or many individuals. The audience needs to feel that they’re having a conversation with a real person.


Let people know what you have to say! Add prompts to your stories so that your followers are able to know what you talk about and see if it’s interesting for them. This can talk into a follower or potential follower to scroll down on your Instagram profile and go through your content.
Each of your captions should include action words. Choose phrases more likely to draw your followers’ attention and to encourage them to explore your profile and posts in detail.


To keep on increasing your account’s followers, you can also make posts that followers will want to screenshot.
For instance, create a story contest. Post one of yours as an example and invite followers to share their own experience in a similar post. As the story lives 24hs, people will have to take a screenshot if they want to keep it for later.
Offer the winner something special from your brand.
Another option is to use the ‘fill in the blank’ option. Not only does this encourage followers to participate, but they’re also more likely to screenshot it and share it with their friends.
Share fun and compelling stories that followers will connect with and will want to share. Again, in order to keep them, they will need to take a screenshot.


Looking to reach more people? Then tell them something they haven’t heard yet! There’s no point of sharing something that will stay unnoticeable. So be different, tell your story, whatever it is in a way people might enjoy listening, and drive a conversation with them. Tell engaging stories from your own perspective but in a way that your audience feels you’re addressing each one of them.