“I’m doing everything to grow my Instagram and nothing’s happening!!”

We’ve all said the same! We try hundreds of tactics we see on tutorials and guides but rarely get significant results.

But why is that? If you’re here, you’ve probably heard about something called Algorithm… Who’s responsible for deciding where and how much your posts are going to be seen through the platform. Well, this Algorithm is usually updated, that’s why we hear the new Instagram algorithm every so often. 

Every time you notice any changes on your posts’ engagement or interactions, despite keeping the same posting routine, it usually has to do with this new Instagram update.


But what’s behind these updates? It’s usually updated after most users find a way to tam it, after security issues, saturation or to implement fixes for security or saturation.

How do they affect your account’s growth and posts’ exposure?

In simple words, the algorithm is who determines who will or won’t see your posts. It does so by monitoring users’ moves based on the content they engage more with.

After that the platform will decide which content to display depending on what the new Instagram algorithm believes the users prefer. Finally, the platform will do some filtering, giving more visibility to these posts.

The 4 most important factors that the algorithm uses to determine your posts’ visibility:


  • Your connection with other users
  • The engagement these users have with you
  • User’s interests and preferred content
  • The Freshness of your posts (how recent these are)


What’s in the new Instagram algorithm? 

According to Instagram’s latest statements, the content that shows up first on your feed is mostly based on your own activity. The same goes for what you see on the Explore page.

Basically what Instagram says is that the platform personalizes your feed & Explore page according to your preferences and evolves depending on your activity. The latest Instagram updates have been putting focus on the stories: with 500 million users per day is for sure the most used feature. 


So, how can I outsmart the new Instagram algorithm??

The short answer? Find what the new Instagram algorithm wants and give it to it. There’s nothing definitive here, but with a smart and adaptive strategy you will probably have better chances of standing up to any future changes on the platform.


These 8 tips will help you trick the  new Instagram algorithm using your stories:


Establish a regular schedule

Posting consistently is the key to maintain your presence in this platform. By working on a regular schedule you can activate Instagram’s algorithm to your own purpose and increase your account exposure. 

But make sure you share only relevant and engaging contents. Your every day posts should be new somehow. To bring the most out of them, use Instagram analytics to find out which time of day your followers are most active. 


Play with the IG story’s features

The amount of time that viewers spend watching your videos is the main factor to determine that your content is popular. 

So, you really want to keep your stories engaging to make users watch your whole story and even watch it again. Give it a try to live video as well and see if it engages with your audience. 

A good tip: instead of posting all your stories at once, share them with an hour in between.


Keep your audience constantly engaged

To reach more users, first you need to reinforce the connection with your own followers.

Unless you really keep them engaged, the number of new followers won’t increase much.

If you are using the platform as part of a business strategy, it is essential to maintain constant engagement. This is the only proven way to increase your posts’ reach, and by that get new users and raise your brand awareness.


Start collaborations

Partnering with other companies and popular influencers is a great way to complement your efforts and reach potential followers.

These people have already established a connection with their audiences and they also have their trust, so it’s an easy way of reaching the people you want to follow you.

But ensure that you find the right Influencer or ambassador. They must go in line with your style, objectives and your own audience.


Select right hashtags

If you select and use the right hashtags you can maximize your chances of reaching new audiences in an organic way. On one side, this means it’s free, and on the other hand that you connect with the users you want to reach. By using the appropriate hashtags you will grow your account with the right audience.


Include links in your stories

Instagram has recently released the link-in-story feature, which is very useful for working with influencers or for followers to link back to your account as part of a campaign.

For now, only users with more than 10K followers can include links in their stories. So first you need to reach this amount to be able to include the links in your own stories, redirecting to websites or blogs. You can achieve this organically (with patience and work) or by hiring growth services. If you go for the latter make sure it’s a high quality service with real accounts!


Track your posts’ performance! 

With Instagram Insights, the platform’s analytics tool, you can get info on how your posts’ are performing and also monitor your followers’ characteristics & activity.

First turn your account into a business account. It is completely free and allows you to define your posting schedule & content strategy. 

Use this data to discover which type of content is working better for your audience and when is the best time to post.


Implement tools!

If you need to post regularly in several accounts or if you are using Instagram as part of a business strategy, then maybe it’s worth using a SM marketing or scheduling tool to help bring the most out of your posting. We share with you a list of the most popular tools with reviews included.


It may take time and energy to dominate the platform, but if you find to give users what they like and keep them engaged with the right content strategy, you will eventually outsmart the new Instagram Algorithm and maximize your posts’ reach.

Stay up to date with the platform’s new features and follow what popular users do!

If you still think you need a hand, send us a ticket! We’ll be happy to assist you!