Twitch lets you discover millions of live streams and chat with gamers from all over the world. 

There’s no doubt that Twitch experienced a huge growth in the past years since its creation in 2011. According to Twitch Tracker, over 140M streamers connect every month on the platform, and some of its top streamers earn more than 1 Million euros per year.

To make money as a Twitch affiliate or partner you need at least 50 followers. The biggest streamer has almost 14K followers and the most popular streams have above 6K viewers.

But what are the secrets to get followers and views? 


Today we share 7 tips to help you on your way to becoming a top Twitch Streamer:


1- Specialize in one game

When you are just a beginner it is better to choose a game to specialize in. What happens when you stream different games is that viewers may leave when you switch the title to continue watching the game that you were playing first. Until you develop your personal brand and build a community, it’s easier to attract followers and be recognized as a specialist in one game. So, give your audience a little time to get familiar with you before showing a variety of content.


2- Have a plan B

Every game will go downhill at some point. It’s important to have a contingency plan to prevent your channel from disappearing in case your game disappears. 


3- Put everything into it

It’s hard work creating your channel and maintaining an audience, but if you want to succeed you must be dedicated. You already enjoy the game, so find the way and routine that works best and easiest for you, as you will have to make sacrifices. Of course you’re going to have better and worse days, take advantage of the good ones to stream longer.


4- Connect to other platforms

When you start your channel you have no followers, so after asking your friends to join, you will have to attract other people’s attention via social media. Promote your channel on different platforms and check which are the ones that drive more traffic to your channel. Besides mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there are other smaller channels that work well in the gaming niche, like Discord and Reddit. Discord lets you announce other users that you are live, and they can join the stream directly. Reddit has thousands of forums and posts, you will surely find an existing conversation around your game there.

YouTube is also one of the best platforms to grow your audience; use it to share your streaming and tell everyone about your experience. There are several services to help you get viewers and subscribers on YouTube in case you need a boost.


5- Connect with your followers  

Twitch lets you connect with your viewers, and see all what they write. Make sure that you read and respond to their comments and questions as much as you can.

When you start it is easy to get to know each of your followers, recognize them and remember one or two things about them. It’s important to connect with them and show them that you care. This is what inspires trust and loyalty and builds a community. 


6- Get good equipment 

Having a good kit is important if you want to dedicate yourself to streaming:

  • Computer with good processing power
  • High Quality microphone
  • Decent headset

If you really dream of becoming a pro Twitch streamer, it’s important to play the game smoothly and give a great stream, being able to hear and be heard properly.


7- Partner up and collaborate

Collaboration with other streamers is a great way of sharing communities. In Twitch you can host and be hosted. You can host each other so at the end of each stream you can send viewers to a different streamer and vice versa.

It’s also a great idea to connect with audiences in other countries.


These are our tips to start building your channel and becoming a pro Twitch streamer. 

If you still think that you need a hand on the way, you can check our services to help boost your Twitch account and share what you do with thousands of other gamers.