What Does it Actually Mean?


For some experts it is to reach a certain number of followers from a post, while for others it is about the amount of time that takes for a post to get notoriety, usually between 1 and 3 days.

But according to Forbes, although there are no exact statistics to be considered viral, usually a post that attracts between 100K and 5M views is what we usually call “viral”.

Depending on the amount of followers an Instagram influencer has, they can easily reach these numbers. It’s more about their account brand and concept they’ve built than about the content of their posts. Their followers are very likely to watch the posts before even knowing what they talk about; these are the perks of being an account with a big audience.

But there’s still a chance of going viral on Social Media even for those who are not Instagram Influencers. Creating and sharing a post on what’s trending can help you achieve popularity. It does require some effort from your side to maintain engagement with your audience, but if you manage to know your public deeply you can get there. 


Follow these 4 steps for going viral on Social Media channels.


Know Your Followers First

The first step for any Social Media strategy is to build an audience. According to some experts, any audience should include followers that are associated with targeted companies and business ventures. In general an audience is supposed to give support to an organization, either if it’s a business or a charity organization. Once you know who your followers are you will discover what interests them, helping you to improve your post content strategy.


Catchy Phrases for Your Titles & Headers

Make sure you choose a great hook for your posts to help ignite your engagement. Just by choosing an intriguing title you can draw attention to your post. You can also include appealing phrases to refer to previous contents and make followers go and watch them.

This simply means choosing an intriguing title that makes people want to watch. There are short and catchy titles that may refer to previous posts you have on social media.

If you go for long titles, make sure that you identify an emotion that your audience will react to and include it in them.


Discover the Type of Content That is Trending

Even successful influencers and brands follow other popular accounts. In most cases, they follow users that are in touch with trends or who have certain status in a specific niche. These users, just like them, manage to keep their audience engaged and constantly create content that follows ongoing trends. The list is long: music, fashion, politics or certain movements, but all the information is fresh and relevant.


Attractive Visual Content

For going viral on Social Media, it is important that you keep your posts as visually attractive and appealing as possible. It doesn’t matter if they are pictures, videos or animations, it works the same for all of them. If they are plain, they are likely to go unnoticed. 

Using infographics, animations, lively effects, vibrant colors, music, and impacting fonts are a must nowadays if you want to get your posts noticed on social media. Any strategy must aim to increase views on a short period of time for winning engagement.

Statista reports that there were at least 10 videos last year that got 100M views in less than a week’s time. Most of these videos come from musical artists or opinion leaders from specific areas and not necessarily famous worldwide. That proves that you don’t need to be a celebrity to get a lot of views or capture the interest of a sponsor.


By learning from successful account holders and finding the right tactics you can start increasing your notoriety and engagement.  Work on the right strategy and you will see that going viral on Social Media is actually possible!