It’s easy to upload videos to YouTube, but creating a flawless video is quite a challenge. We all know that successful Youtube creators use professional editing software to make their videos stand out.


Every YouTube video editor has different features that you must evaluate before choosing the ones who work better for you. In the following guide we’ll go through some unpaid editing softwares for your YouTube videos that you can use on your phone and other devices.



Free YouTube Video editors for Desktop

1. iMovie (Mac)

If you have a Mac, this software is the best unpaid option for YouTube video editing.

You can easily import your videos and start adding effects, inserting titles, and soundtracks. Just like most of Apple’s products the processes are quite simple: to start editing files just drag and drop them inside the program.


  • Great alternative to YouTube Video Editor. Simple and quick processes,
  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can share directly your videos online, right after editing


  • You can’t import files in MP4
  • Free if you purchase a new device, otherwise it will cost $14.99

2. Windows Movie Maker (Windows)

Movie Maker is a great editing software for your YouTube contents for Microsoft. You can use this program online to create, edit, and publish your videos, which makes a great editing experience. You can customize your video with transitions, effects and different fonts for your titles.


  • The software program is available for free.
  • Practical for starters to learn.
  • Wide range of editing tools and functions
  • Perfect for creating photo slides.


  • The features are quite limited for expert users
  • The program can often crash down

3. YouTube Video Editor (for Windows and Mac)

With this unpaid video editing software for YouTube you can easily customize your clips with specialized effects and tools. You can also use this program to reduce the size of your files.


  • Easy to learn to use
  • The editing tools works quite fast
  • You can easily add music to the video.


  • The features are quite basic

4. LightWorks (Windows and Mac)

Using this professional, free video editor for YouTube lets you work on any YouTube files. It works well with videos on HD and SD formats and has support for videos up to 4K in resolution.


  • Great possibilities for customization
  • Supported on different platforms.
  • It offers support for professional video editing on both paid and free versions


  • Lightworks doesn’t have FireWire for Linux


5. Filmora (version for Windows and version for Mac)


This is probably one of the most popular video editing software designed for YouTube. It has two versions: Filmora Video Editor for Windows and Filmora Video Editor for Mac.

Filmora has a wide variety of effects to customize your video and give it a special touch.They include intro/credit, where you will enjoy multiple templates and transitions to help develop a flawless exchange from one scene to another, sound, effect and filters. 

This powerful YouTube video editor ensures high quality to the edited clips and can support different file formats.


The features are quite a lot so make sure to take your time to select the ones for your video:

  • Video color correction (adjustment of brightness, saturation, and contrast).
  • Green screen to replace the background.
  • Scene detection to identify when scenes have been changed.
  • Face off.
  • Overlay more than one video together with PIP effect
  • Handy video editing tools and provide various video and audio effects.
  • Directly upload and share a video to YouTube or Vimeo.

Free YouTube video editing tools for smartphones:



6. FilmoraGo for Phone


This is the perfect app for your iPhone if you need to upload short videos on a regular basis.

FilmoraGo is a fun and efficient video editing app. It provides editing features for both beginners and advanced users: trimming, cropping, rotating, speed controlling, and volume and color adjustment. You can create amazing videos with the great assortment of filters and effects.

7. VivaVideo

This editing app for iOS and Android is among the most popular YouTube video editing tools. VivaVideo allows you to do a wide range of tasks: from the recording to the editing. You can record directly from the app with the camera feature. 

It’s can be easily linked to your iTunes library to add music, and has a great selection of video effects and filters (check the “picture in picture” effect). You can create your own slideshow from your photos. One of the best things about the app is that you can record in widescreen.


There’s a free version and a VIP subscription that gives you allows you to upload longer videos. This paid subscription has a 3 day trial.


8. Magisto

This editing tool for Youtube is great if you’re just looking to add effects and filters to your video. Although Magisto is quite limited in technical editing, it does offer a great variety of effects that you can easily add to your clips. The greatest advantage about Magisto is that you can save your videos to the cloud, and then edit them from any browser or application. If you’re looking to give a special touch to your videos in an easy way, then consider it as a good option.

It’s available for iOS, Android and Web version.

9. iMovie

Of course Apple’s own editing app couldn’t be missing from the list. Features like adding text, applying filters, changing the clip’s audio make it a very complete editing tool. It allows you to easily share the edited videos on almost every social media platform.

One of its most remarkable features is the video speed editor, which allows you to transform your whole video or a specific clip of your video into hyper-lapse or slow-motion.

It’s supported by iOS and Mac OS X


10. Clips

Just as its own name anticipates, Clips is a minimalistic tool designed to make video editing simple. The app takes you through every process, from trimming to speed changing, with a step by step guide. 

Although the app has limited editing features, it offers enough tools for beginner YouTube creators. The process is quite simple: first you trim the video, then you add music or your voice recording, after that you may add effects and filters and the video is ready to upload.

Supported Operating System: iOS and Web service

11. Splice

This is another video editing app for iOS that places its editing tools directly on your phone’s screen. It offers simple editing functions like trimming, rotating or cropping and gives you access to cool features like picture-in-picture and insertion of audio tracks.

Splice is a free tool, although to have access to more features and transitions you need to buy them through the app itself.

Supported Operating System: iOS